We arrived in Washington State yesterday after a long flight with connections through Amsterdam and San Francisco. Our third grandson is still waiting to put in his appearance and we are excited to be here for the occasion. Our children from California will be arriving this weekend. We will be getting together with our Russian daughter and her family at some point as well. We will also be visiting a couple of churches and there is a fundraiser for SAI on the 10th of September in Cle Elum. A visit to the Salem area to my family with a stop at Richard’s brothers in Portland is also on the agenda. It is difficult to see everyone and enjoy them in three weeks but we will give it our best. It is very exciting to be here.While we are gone, two lovely young ladies from the SBS School at YWAM will be staying in our apartment. It helps us to have someone there and we are glad they can have a place to stay while they get ready for their outreach program.

Summer will be over and schedules back to more normal schedules when we return to Ukraine. I have talked with the ladies who work the YWAM Mother’s Care program and I hope to be able to work with the babies at the hospital a couple days a week. I have also talked to some teachers in a village about dental hygiene instruction in their school and possibly an English club. Plus, we have talked with Director Natasha at Mostysche and hope to bring the dental van there on a regular basis. We are talking about other ways we can interact with the kids and I am looking for direction in this area.

The government just paid to have the bathrooms renovated at Mostysche. We were very excited to see the lovely new facilities. So things are progressing. We appreciate your continued prayers and encouragement. Without that, all our plans are in vain.