We just returned from a dental outreach to the far eastern border of Ukraine, near Lugansk. I have written an account on http://www.smilealliance.blogspot.com/ . Over the next two months, Richard will be traveling to Uhzgorod on the western border of Ukraine, Zhitomer in the central part, and Ternopil in the southwest. He will join the Mercy Truck ministry dental van on these trips. Dr. Inna will also be going west on alternate dates. There is a huge need for more dentists this summer and throughout the year to help staff this. Our dentists are also working at the Operation Blessings Emmanuel Clinic when not helping with the Mercy Truck ministry. The Smile House Project is more less on hold until additional funding is found or we have confirmation that we should rethink the project. Please pray for guidance.

There are some real needs for dental materials and supplies in order to continue these outreaches. Many things can be obtained here but there are a lot of things which must be sent from the US. If you know of any dentists or others who would like to help with these projects, please contact me at vickig@smilealliance.org ASAP. Thanks so much. Vicki