Last Friday (November 9) we visited Smile House to see how things were going. As we started up the narrow road that leads past a small lake we were pleasantly surprised that we no longer had to dodge deep potholes. They had all been filled in. As we emerged from the trees more surprises awaited us-several dump trucks, a paving machine and crew and steam rollers were laying asphalt just beyond the building. We had not thought this possible–and it was very nicely done. Also, the windows were just about all in. By that evening, they were probably finished.

As we looked out of the upstairs windows we realized why the road was paved. Lots are being sold for a new housing development down the street in the once quiet apple orchard. In the past few months several huge mansions have been built and the neighborhood is evolving into a haven for the wealthy. We were astounded. Having watched building crews working throughout the summer, we knew that some new homes were being built but actually seeing the finished products took our breath away. Smile House is in the middle of a high class neighborhood. How this will impact the fate of the ministry remains to be seen. All we know is that this is God’s project and His plan.
We watched the movie Facing the Giants last week for the second time. In the movie a godly man tells the coach a story about two farmers who prayed for rain. The difference between the two was that one went out to his fields and prepared for the rain. He was the one who received it. I feel it’s time for us to start praying and preparing for God’s blessing on this project, for His leading and for His completion. Please join us in this prayer.