For a year and a half, we have been told by our contractor and partners that the plumbing for the whole building needed to be done before anything else could be. Finally, a few months ago we had another meeting and we again tried to see if perhaps we could finish off half of the first floor for the dental clinic. There were not enough funds to finish the whole project but there were enough to get started on the dental clinic. Actually, I made the statement that if this project takes too long we will all be dead. Mr. S got to thinking about that statement and at the next meeting, the project took off. The builders were able to work again and decided to stay on—they were getting ready to move out. If that had happened, we would have had to put in a security system, etc..

Now the heat is in the floor, the tiles are being laid, walls and ceilings are just about complete and there are interior doors. Suddenly we have to make decisions on tiles, colors, furniture. More dental equipment is needed but the project is moving forward. When God decides it’s time to move, things happen.

There are some new ideas about how to use the remainder of the building and we ask for your prayers for wisdom as the Boards of Directors here and in America decide how to proceed.