We are very excited because the Smile House project is going forward rapidly. It is so interesting to watch God work at His own pace, with His purpose. Manna Worldwide and Smile Alliance International have partnered together and we are beginning to see the possibility of the fulfillment of the dream. Over the past three years we have been praying that this huge building could be used to help the children of Ukraine. SAI’s original idea was for a transition home for orphans that graduate from the orphanage at sixteen. But with only Dr. Richard and Vicki Nelson and Valeriy Suzdaltsev actually in Ukraine, we knew it would have to be miraculous for this project to ever be complete. Our plans and ideas for the top floors of the building shifted from one idea to another.

Meanwhile, we felt we had to be faithful with the funds provided and asked our wonderful team of Ukrainian builders to continue working on the building as donations were received. Funds were generously donated to install windows and doors. Last year about this time, we felt we were supposed to go forward with the dental clinic and now half the first floor is complete. The floors and walls are done and it is ready for dental equipment, cabinets, and other furnishings. Now we are looking for donations of good quality used or new dental equipment from the states or funds to purchase equipment in Ukraine. God has brought us this far and we know in His timing that He will provide all the things needed so that many underserved children in the area will be able to receive compassionate dental care. Several Ukrainian dentists have expressed interest in volunteering time at the facility when it opens. In the meantime, we are “preparing for the rain”, talking to government officials and trying to make sure we are following all the regulations required to begin. God has been so very faithful and we know He will continue to supply the items needed and volunteers to make this happen.

Drs. Richard and Ina continue to serve with the Youth with a Mission dental van and at the Emmanuel Clinic providing free treatment to children. Faithful supporters have made it possible for Dr. Ina to continue in this ministry. Several thousand children were served through these ministries in the past three years—again an amazing story.

Smile Alliance International’s Ukrainian humanitarian organization, SAI Soniatchnia Svitlo, is happy to welcome three new board members from Manna Worldwide. This organization is putting together several building teams to work on Smile House. They will begin arriving in May. And the exciting thing is that a transition home for orphans is in the plans for the second floor. Manna will be running this program and will be using the top floors in several ways. This has taken a great deal of pressure off us. We knew from the start that we could not do this alone. That only God could make this happen. We just wanted to be faithful and try to be open to His plans. (That is very difficult to do sometimes.)

Thank you to all our supporters for your prayers and continued encouragement. Thank you to those who have felt God leading them to support the ministry in practical ways. To those who have generously donated funds and goods, we especially want to say a heartfelt Thank you. And we ask you to continually pray for this project so God can be glorified and many children in Ukraine will be served. May you be blessed.