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Watching God’s Promises Come True

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. Ephesians 3:20

Wow! So many things are happening here in Ukraine. Where do I begin? I am going to share the opening of the CBN/Operation Blessings building on the dental blog www.saismilehouse.com But because I shared in an earlier blog about looking for a house we could afford, I have to now share how our Amazing God has blessed us far above what we could ever hope for.

While we were in the US, I received the monthly email newsletter from the Christian Women’s group in Kyiv. Listed in it was a house that sounded wonderful but when we looked at the map we found it was about 35 miles from Kyiv–even though it is on the west side where Smile House and Mostysche Orphanage are located. It was northwest of both of these. Plus, we were in the states and figured it would be sold when we returned.

About a week after returning, we decided that if it was still available we should at least look at it since there are two orphanages near that village–one which YWAM works very closely with. Because it was still available, we hired a driver and went to see it. At first I didn’t want to like it–but I did. An American couple who are missionaries who were working with gypies had purchased it as a shell and finished the first floor in American style–open floor plan, water heated floors, cheerful colors. It’s about 1345 square downstairs and the second floor has heavy insulation and some sheetrock. It has a lot of room to store our boxes–which are still at Mostyshce and have been rifled through–another story. J.D. and Sherry have lost funding for their work and need to return to the states because of some family problems. We could feel that it was a blessed house and that God is very familiar with the address. But the distance from Kyiv and Smile House prevented us from making a decision–even though an electic train runs within walking distance from the house. Best of all, the price was in our range. Unbelievably, the asking price was $85,000. When all was said and done, we purchased it, paid all fees, bought some of the furnishings and a car-23 year old LADA-, and now are once again home owners.

It is exciting in some ways and very, very frightening in another. I am thankful to our wonderful God for providing us with another house. Last year when we sold our home and “things”, I thought we would never have another house and I was willing to give that up for what I felt God was calling us to do. And now, He has so generously provided for us-including a vehicle. But on the other end of the spectrum, we are both having “panic” attacks, worrying about being so far out, fearing having to drive on the Ukrainian roads, wondering if we will be able to communicate with anybody–both in America and with our neighbors. There is no phone or internet access at the moment–although we still have cell phones–and our lifeline is the internet. I have been able to handle this whole thing because I knew I could use my Vonage phone if I get lonely or need something in America. I have the internet and first thing each morning look to see if there are any new emails–I am even beginning to like forwarded things (as long as they don’t say something bad is going to happen if I don’t send them on to hundreds of friends)because it is a form of communication from someone.

Later, I will share more thoughts on the whole move but for now, let me say, we are excited but it’s been an extremely difficult week-starting with a terrible case of flu for Richard and a milder flu for me. We are very sad about the tragic death of one of our builders and injuries to another builder in a traffic accident. (Again consult the Smile House blog for updates.) The house purchase and the news that our Russian daughter finally has legal status in the states were highlights of the week. Our denied visa applications with the accompanying stress is one of the lows. A few minutes ago while jogging, I tripped and although nothing seems to be too damaged, I am already getting sore. So, we just ask for your prayers as this new stage of our adventure unfolds. Slava Boga! Praise God for His continuied plans and grace.

Update on Smile House

Richard and I just returned from three plus weeks in the United States. It was wonderful to visit with our family and friends. We made some new friends as well. And our new grandson was born. What a joy to be able to be there. He waited two extra weeks to arrive so that we would be able to share in the joy of his arrival. What a kid!!!!!!!!

On September 8, Mr. S sent pictures of Smile House that he had taken that day. As you can see, the new addition is attached to the front of the building. The top floor has been raised a meter and a half. And the new roof should be started by now. We will find out more today. Funds are running low but we know that God has a plan for this building and in His time it will be completed. We are hoping to get it enclosed by winter so visiting teams and local volunteers can help us during the winter months. Windows and doors will be a large expense. Sasha, the contractor, estimates that windows will cost up to $21,000 and doors (there are 75 or more) will be around $16,000. If we make smaller windows in the ends of the building it will cost less.

Thanks for your interest in the project. If you know of anyone who might like to help with funds, please contact us at Smilealliance@yahoo.com or Smile Alliance P.O. Box 240 Cle Elum, WA 98922.

An Amazing God and Fantastic Friends

Richard and I are in Washington State–we have been here for a week and a half. During this time, we have been blessed by the birth of our fifth grandchild, a grandson Wylie Scott. We have enjoyed the company of both of our sons, their wonderful wives, and beautiful children as well as our daughter, her great husband and darling daughter. Friends and family have showered us with love and support. And today, the Smile Alliance International board of directors is hosting a fundraising event for the ministry and Smile House in Cle Elum.

I woke up this morning realizing how very blessed we are. This is God’s ministry–not ours. We are very priviledged to be partners with Him. And I am so thankful for the very, very busy people who have commited their time and talents to support SAI emotionally, financially, spiritually and in every other way. Without each of them and everyone of our supporters (prayer warriors, friends, family, financial contributors, advisors, those who give their time and talents to gathering, sorting and shipping, administrators, and so many more), we would not be in the place we are nor would we be able to see the fulfillment of our dreams and be on hand to watch God work. So I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to each of them and each of you for your love and support. May you be blessed abundantly.

Tidbits of Info

We arrived in Washington State yesterday after a long flight with connections through Amsterdam and San Francisco. Our third grandson is still waiting to put in his appearance and we are excited to be here for the occasion. Our children from California will be arriving this weekend. We will be getting together with our Russian daughter and her family at some point as well. We will also be visiting a couple of churches and there is a fundraiser for SAI on the 10th of September in Cle Elum. A visit to the Salem area to my family with a stop at Richard’s brothers in Portland is also on the agenda. It is difficult to see everyone and enjoy them in three weeks but we will give it our best. It is very exciting to be here.While we are gone, two lovely young ladies from the SBS School at YWAM will be staying in our apartment. It helps us to have someone there and we are glad they can have a place to stay while they get ready for their outreach program.

Summer will be over and schedules back to more normal schedules when we return to Ukraine. I have talked with the ladies who work the YWAM Mother’s Care program and I hope to be able to work with the babies at the hospital a couple days a week. I have also talked to some teachers in a village about dental hygiene instruction in their school and possibly an English club. Plus, we have talked with Director Natasha at Mostysche and hope to bring the dental van there on a regular basis. We are talking about other ways we can interact with the kids and I am looking for direction in this area.

The government just paid to have the bathrooms renovated at Mostysche. We were very excited to see the lovely new facilities. So things are progressing. We appreciate your continued prayers and encouragement. Without that, all our plans are in vain.